Why Choose Us

At Bizcafe, we help entrepreneurs take the first step to generate income and remain with them until they run thriving businesses.  We provide business registrations, tax and BEE compliance services to get one ready to trade, and offer the right marketing tools for entrepreneurs to secure their first customers.

A great number of South Africans, young and old, rich and poor want to start and run thriving businesses. Due to cumbersome and frustrating compliance requirements and limited knowledge, many entrepreneurs either do not start at all or end up running informal or unregistered businesses.

Our extensive experience in investment promotion, mega projects, running our own start-ups and venture finance sets us apart as not only service providers but competent partners who have walked the path. We know the frustrations of running start-ups or expanding and we have not only the right skills but also the emotional support to see you through.

We offer a variety of services geared at helping entrepreneurs from idea generation ALL THE WAY to success.